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Introducing our .925 sterling silver flat back labrets—a must-have for all piercing enthusiasts, especially those rocking cartilage piercings! Say hello to comfort, style, and endless possibilities with these versatile beauties designed to dress your ears with charm.

Crafted from high-quality 925 sterling silver, each flat back labret is a tiny masterpiece that promises both durability and elegance. Whether you're jazzing up your helix, tragus, or conch piercing, our flat back labrets are the perfect fit for every ear adventure.

So, why settle for ordinary when you can shine with extraordinary? Upgrade your piercing game with our sterling silver flat back labrets and let your ears steal the spotlight wherever you go. Get ready to elevate your ear stack and embrace the joy of self-expression—one chic flat back labret at a time!


Diamond Cut Push Pin $34.92 CAD
Flower Push Pin $34.92 CAD
Evil Eye Push Pin $34.92 CAD
Starburst Push Pin $34.92 CAD
Blue Opal Push Pin $34.92 CAD
White Opal Push Pin $34.92 CAD
3 Bead Push Pin $34.92 CAD
4 Bead Push Pin $34.92 CAD
Emerald Push Pin $34.92 CAD
Emerald Cut Push Pin $34.92 CAD
PAVED Diamond Hoops $55.87 CAD
MELINA Diamond Hoops $62.85 CAD
BEZEL Diamond Hoops $62.85 CAD
Double Diamond Hoop $62.85 CAD
Paved Twisted Hoop $62.85 CAD
Geometric Paved Hoop $62.85 CAD
Star Huggie Hoops $62.85 CAD
Round Solid Hoops From $48.89 CAD
Bead Hoops $55.87 CAD
Cable Huggie Hoops $55.87 CAD
Rope Huggie Hoops $55.87 CAD
Diamond Cut Studs $48.89 CAD
Spike Diamond Stud $48.89 CAD
TOBI Diamond Studs $48.89 CAD
Serpent Front Back $62.85 CAD
Serpent Suspender $62.85 CAD
Serpent Studs $48.89 CAD
Gecko Studs $48.89 CAD
Solid Seahorse Studs $48.89 CAD